The Short Hair Cut Style

If you are looking to get a short hair cut style then let us help you find the right one! Ask yourself what is your face shape. Will your face shape handle a short cut? Then what kind of cut do you want? A-line, bob or just straight. The best way is to find pictures in style magazines to help you find the right look for you.

Find Your Face Shape

When looking to find your face shape, look to see if it is square, triangle, oblong or square. Knowing the shape of your face will help determine what style will look good on you.

The goal and purpose of the right cut will balance your facial features. It will create natural symmetry between your face and your hair.

You want the style to bring out your greatest qualities. Such as making your eyes pop, or the thickness of your lips. Does this haircut compliment these attributes? Look for a short hairstyle that will lay natural to the growth of you hair.

Some of the top cuts that are in season are the straight bob, A-line and curls.

To give the straight bob a soft look have your stylist razor cut the ends, this will help take out the bulk and make the hair fall soft against your face. Medium to thick hair forms to the head with an A-line cut. This elevated look is sharp and clean leaving the front longer to frame the face and give the back a more tapered look.

Curls look awesome on a person who has an A-line cut. Just crunch and go!

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